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Discounts at Stuff-it Storage are cumulative. You can qualify for any two 5% discounts and add them together for a discount of up to 10% on your rental. Discounts are good for 12 months and can apply to an ARC purchase as well. Call us for more information.

Association discounts -any state, or federal accredited assn.* 5%
Membership discounts-AAA, or any local, state or federal org. * 5%
School Discounts-Current student at state or local school 5%
Neighborhood discounts-Address in a local neighborhood 5%
Senior discounts-Anyone over 55 years of age 5%
Employer Discounts-Employed locally or immediate family 5%
Public Sector discounts-Employed by local, state, fed govt. 5%
Repeat renter discounts-Anyone staying longer than 6 months 5%
Longer than a year 10%
Military/Police/Fire Discount 20%

Holiday Storage Promotions and Specials

Everyone loves a long, relaxing holiday weekend, but you may not know it’s also the best time to move and store your belongings. Check back here for special promotions and extra savings on top of our everyday low moving and storage prices.

Military/Police/Fire Discount

20% OFF

Refer a friend discounts available.