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Purchase Options

The purchase of your ARC has never been offered before in the self storage industry. The days of throwing your hard-earned money away on rental fees just to store the valuable assets for which you don't have room are over!

Stuff-it Storage is changing the playing field in the customer's favor. We are the only company in the centralized storage industry to offer our customers the opportunity to buy their ARC unit! You now have the ability to not only invest in a stable asset in which to store your valuables, but also provide a return on investment, while creating an extra income stream from your ARC. We will also help you set up a rent-to-own agreement if you would prefer to spread your investment over a longer period. Our team can also show you how to purchase an ARC through a self-directed IRA as a tax-free rollover from most retirement accounts.

There is no restriction on how many ARC's you can purchase, or where you want them located. You can locate your ARC's in multiple ARC Parks to diversify your investment income. Take a look at the money you have invested in an IRA or retirement account. At best, you’ve been averaging 6%-8%/yr. If the market declines (i.e. 1987, 2000, 2008) you could lose most of your value.

With an ARC investment, you will always have a marketable asset and the ability to avg. 12%-14%/yr. ROI. This could almost double your avg returns from the stock market and provide you assets that can be passed from generation to generation.

The Benefits of an ARC Investment
An example of purchasing 10 ARC's vs. single-family rental house (ask us for this comparative chart)

  • With the ARC almost NO repairs and main./ NO calls for Elect, sewer, water, furnace, water heater, refrigerator, stove, roof leak, window/ door breakage, cutting lawn, shoveling snow, repainting.
  • If you lose the renter in your house you have NO income until you re-rent. If you lose 1 or 2 renters in the ARC's you still have an income stream!
  • Another benefit to the ARC investment is that you can reinvest earnings into an additional ARC, thereby continuing to increase your income stream, ROI, and investment savings!

Contact us for free consultations and free estimates on our services. We will be happy to review all your options! Ownership has its privileges!

ARC Sizes

Stuff-it Storage offers ARC units in a variety of sizes, that can be modified for market demand, and for owners as requested. The base sizes in the ARC inventory are 20' and 40' units. Stuff-it will assist you in determining how much space you need. This can be any size from a single item, to as large as you need. You only pay for the space that you need. Non-standard sizes and door configurations can be accommodated, and quoted upon request.

  • 8'x10'
  • 8'x20'
  • 8'x40'

ARC Park Membership

ARC Park membership is part of the ARC ownership agreement. Membership is part of the pricing structure for purchasing an ARC.
Membership consists of a one time fee at purchase and an annual maintenance fee, that can be paid annually or by the month. Membership includes:

  • ARC lot space for each ARC you purchase within any established ARC Park
  • Proper Park maintenance
  • Facility repair as needed
  • Discounted services
  • Access to an electric utility

Therefore, moving your ARC from one location to another is not limited to the ARC Park in which you started your ownership.

If you move or have multiple ARC's you can distribute them across one Park or multiple Parks for diversification of your investment, you are always guaranteed a lot in the nearest ARC Park for your ARC!

ARC Placement

As an owner, your new ARC can be positioned in the ARC Park for your own storage needs.

In this location, you can authorize the use of your ARC into the sub-lease program where it will be included with the ARC Park rental inventory.

Here you will achieve a return on investment with your ARC as long as you maintain this authorization. You can opt-out of the sub-lease program at any time.

You can also, have Stuff-it deliver your ARC to your home, business, or other address for loading, unloading, or offsite storage as needed. Your ARC can additionally be buried for an underground storm shelter, or storage below grade if desired.

ARC Membership Advantages

Membership also provides discounts on Stuff-it products and services at any ARC Park. This includes:

  • Boxes
  • Packing material
  • Tape
  • Locks

Our Services

  • Packing and shipping service,
  • National carrier Drop-off and Pick-up
  • Truck rental
  • Outside storage
  • Valet storage
  • ARC Maintenance Service

Call us for details on discounts and promotions for ARC Park members. Members also enjoy the logistics assistance provided by Stuff-it Storage. If you are moving to a location not currently served by an ARC Park, we will help you find a storage facility nearest your new location that will accept your ARC for parking. We have agreements with many storage facilities in each state.

ARC Ownership Advantages

Your ARC can be customized internally and externally. You are the owner, and it is up to you to modify your storage unit however you like. These decisions are yours to make, and our team is ready to assist you with the design and modifications you seek.

  • Working with you to design the interior space base
  • Helping you with shelving, extra tie-downs, lighting, ventilation, climate control, even plumbing if needed.
  • Outside services include new paint color, graphic design, exterior attachments to create a different facade, windows, extra doors, etc.


Stuff-it is not offering investment or tax advice. Any purchase using a tax-qualified plan should include the advice of a tax professional.

Uses of Customized ARCs

  • Jobsite container storage
  • Sports equipment storage
  • Pre-build self storage facilities
  • Snack bars
  • Concession stands
  • Construction storage boat
  • Classic or collector car, truck, ATV
  • Mobile field office
  • Automobile storage
  • Tool storage
  • Guard shacks
  • Overflow equipment storage
  • Hunter shelters
  • Inventory storage
  • Driveway portable units
  • Ranch storage
  • Work areas and work shops
  • Retaining Walls
  • Farm equipment and supply storage
  • Emergency shelters
  • Secure perimeter barriers
  • School buildings
  • Surplus supplies
  • Fencing and storage
  • Artist studios
  • Containers as structures
  • Flower stands
  • Wine, vitner storage
  • Firework stands
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Fire training facilities
  • Overall cargo storage
  • Military training
  • Field research storage
  • Movable exhibition spaces
  • Generator sound insulator
  • Agriculture storage
  • Residential moving and storage

Alternate Use Chart

ARC units can be used in multiple applications, from single units to a combination of many units. The chart below is intended to present alternate uses for one or more ARC units in addition to storage. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list but should serve to allow your mind to imagine what is possible if you remove any "blinders".