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Self Storage

The prices at Stuff-it Storage depend on the size of the item. This is base rental pricing for standard self-storage in the ARC Park. Calculate the price of your storage unit size and price. All new storage customers will receive free valet move-in! ARC delivery to your location, valet storage, and other services are priced separately. Contact us for a free estimate.

Valet Storage

  • Pick-up free with a three-month commitment (Initial up to 2 hr)
  • $25 for the first hour
  • Delivery fee for returned items
  • $50/hour/delivery person for additional time
  • Pick-up and delivery outside of a 20-mile radius will be quoted separately
  • You have 24/7 access to all your valuables

All new storage customers will receive free valet move-in! Calculate your valet storage prices right here.

Mobile Storage

Our team will bring the ARC to your home or business for your convenience. Multiple modifications can be added to the ARC for various uses. When storage of the ARC at the ARC Park occurs, standard self-storage rates apply. Call us for a free estimate.

Outdoor Parking

Stuff-it Storage will accommodate all recreational vehicles, including boats, trailers, over the road vehicles, motorhomes among others. We will also accommodate various other large storage needs for contractors, and equipment operators as needed.

Simply call us for a free estimate based on the size of the area required. Vehicles and smaller motorized items can be stored inside or outside upon request.

Mobile On-Site Storage

  • Commercial / industrial / retail
  • Sizes 10', 20', 40'
  • Storage ARC's
  • Office ARC's
  • Customized ARC's

Contact for a free estimate.

ARC Ownership Advantages

Our experienced professionals will help you eliminate your storage cost! Stuff-it Storage is changing the playing field in the customer's favor. We will demonstrate how to eliminate your cost of storage, and even educate you on ARC purchase programs for investment opportunities. You no longer need to throw your money away on rent!

Come allow us to show you how your storage could never cost you a penny with Stuff-it Storage!

ARC Ownership can be tax-deductible. Now, you can buy your ARC through a self-directed IRA, ROTH IRA, or other qualified retirement plan such as your 401k, or SEP plan at work. Take a tax deduction for the purchase price! You can also open a ROTH IRA, and take all your earnings out over the next 10, 20, 30 years tax-free. We have partnered with select companies that specialize in self-directed retirement funds.

You can grow your investment in a single ARC, or perform a qualified rollover from any qualified retirement plan to purchase multiple ARC’s. This will help diversify your retirement portfolio. Contact us for specific details on how you can set up this tax saving investment!

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Stuff-it is not offering investment or tax advice. Any purchase using a tax-qualified plan should include the advice of a tax professional.